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Our Story

The vision for Hero Certified Burgers was not born with the intention to reinvent the hamburger. Simply, we wanted to source the best quality beef for burgers, a beef that was reflective of our own personal philosophy of sustainability while respecting both the land and animal.

Hero Certified Burgers focuses on all-natural, fully-traceable 100% Canadian Angus beef raised range-fed without hormones or antibiotics. We do this because it tastes better, and it's better for you - with no chemicals, fillers or additives. Where others limit their menu to just the basic, no-frills options, Hero Certified Burgers has built a menu with gourmet items including real Canadian artisan cheeses, high-end toppings, delectable desserts and a focus on alternative menu selections, including vegetarian and gluten-free options to satisfy all palates and lifestyles.

At Hero Certified Burgers, it's not just about the food that we serve but how we bring it to the table.

Our Beef


Our 100% Canadian Angus Beef

  • Contains no additives or preservatives
  • Is raised without hormones or antibiotics
  • Can be fully traced from pasture to plate

Our Cattle are

  • Raised Free Range
  • Graze on the finest grasses, fodder and select feeds with no animal by-products
  • Guaranteed to be of authentic Angus descent
  • Reared using sustainable environmental stewardship
  • All of our Beef is Certified Halal

Raising the best beef for your burgers

Hero Certified Burgers' cattle are raised in harmony with nature on 14 family ranches utilizing native and tame pastures and byproducts from the grain industry that are unsuited for human consumption such as straw and screenings. Ranches are located in areas that would otherwise be unsuitable for any type of traditional crop farming. Each individual ranch owns, finances, cares for and manages each animal from birth using sustainable ranching practices that protect water, soil, wildlife and open spaces.

By focusing on raising the Angus stock in the most natural and healthy manner possible, the end result is a lean and tender beef that is full of natural flavour. The cattle is never force fed which generally only serves to increase the amount of fat and marbling in the meat, without necessarily adding to the flavour. Animals are short-fed in our feedlot on a strict vegetarian diet of hay, alfalfa, barley silage and barley. That is followed up by aging our meat 21 days so the flavour and texture are at its prime.

Talk to a Hero Certified Burgers' Rancher!

Compared to other meats, beef takes significant time and land resources to produce. Ranching is more than just producing beef, it is a way to produce food that conserves open spaces, native landscapes and allows wildlife to flourish. Making a choice to select beef produced under a sustainable mandate like the beef produced by Hero Certified Burgers is one small way to influence how food is cultivated and produced.

Everyone has a role to play in this. Develop a relationship - a friendship - with the people who provide you with the necessities of life. By supporting food producers in your community, province and country, you are strengthening the work being done to create a better food system as well encouraging the next generation who are dedicated to carrying on the tradition.

For more information on Hero Certified Burgers Cattle or Halal Certification, feel free to email fhaig@berettafarms.com