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Hero Certified Burgers is the first Canadian franchise to offer 100% Heritage Angus Beef produced by a small group of ranchers in Western Canada. Heritage Angus Beef is sustainably raised with care for both the livestock and land being in the forefront of their production practices.

100% Heritage Angus Beef

  • Contains no additives or preservatives
  • Raised Free Range
  • Observes strict adherence to eliminating growth hormones,
    steroids or antibiotics
  • Graze on the finest grasses, fodder and select feeds with
    no animal by-products
  • Fully traceable from pasture to plate
  • Guaranteed to be of authentic Angus descent
  • Reared using sustainable environmental stewardship
  • All Beef Burgers are Certified Halal.

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For more information on Heritage Angus Cattle or Halal Certification email

Heritage Angus Cattle are raised in harmony with nature on 14 family ranches utilizing native and tame pastures and byproducts from the grain industry that are unsuited for human consumption such as straw and screenings. Ranches are located in areas that would otherwise be unsuitable for any type of traditional crop farming. Each individual ranch owns, finances, cares for and manages each animal from birth using sustainable ranching practices that protect water, soil, wildlife and open spaces.

By focusing on raising the Angus stock in the most natural and healthy manner possible, the end result is a lean and tender beef that is full of natural flavour. The cattle is never force fed which generally only serves to increase the amount of fat and marbling in the meat, without necessarily adding to the flavour. Animals are short-fed in our Heritage Angus Beef feedlot on a strict vegetarian diet of hay, alfalfa, barley silage and barley. That is followed up by aging our meat 21 days so the flavour and texture are at its prime.